The Uriach Foundation 1838 (FU1838) was set up in 1988, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Uriach company, and has three main purposes:

  • Preserve and share knowledge of health sciences.
  • Preserve, enrich, manage, and disseminate the industrial, cultural and artistic patrimony of the Uriach company from its origins until now.
  • Promote, spread and boost knowledge of natural products in health, specially of nutraceuticals, as well as the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through activities linked to the educational, professional and social areas.


The board of trustees of the FU 1838 is the highest body of the institution and is responsible for overseeing the fulfilment of the foundation’s purposes. Currently the board of trustees is made up of nine members, six are life members (Uriach family) and three are freely nominated:  Juan Uriach Marsal (president), Javier Uriach Torelló (vice-president), Joaquin Uriach Torelló (secretary), Juan Uriach Torelló, Enrique Uriach Torelló, Marta Uriach Torelló, Javier Navarro Olivella y Josep Antoni Bombí.


Achievement of the foundation’s purposes established by the board of trustees is carried out through different activities.


Uriach Gallery is an exhibition area which covers the history of the industry dedicated to health from the beginning of the Uriach company, in 1838, to the end of the XXth century, through historical company archives that the company has accumulated throughout these almost two centuries of existence. The images, documents and objects exhibited accompany us and help to explain some of the most significant events in the evolution of this sector.

The conservation of this material, witness to the collective memory, constitutes a responsible social corporative act which exemplifies and describes our model of family company.


The Uriach Chair of nutraceuticals (CUdN) is the result of a collaboration agreement, signed in 2000, between the Uriach foundation and the Rovira and Virgili University. It is affiliated to the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology which coordinate the official Master’s in Nutrition and Metabolism, taught in collaboration with the University of Barcelona.

The purpose of the CUdN is to boost knowledge of nutraceuticals in the educational, professional, and social areas through activities of dissemination, teaching and research which allow the progress and development of this subject in our country. Additionally, to contribute to better teaching the students in the field of nutraceuticals, to boost the training of health care professionals, to promote scientific meetings and, lastly, to create new lines of research in this innovative field of study.


The archives of the Uriach foundation gather advertising, photographical and documentary material generated by the business group throughout its more than 184 years of activity, to preserve and disseminate this patrimony, direct witness of the technical and social evolution of the pharmaceutical industry from the XIX century to our days.


The historical library of health sciences gathers about twelve thousand volumes and during its more than forty years of existence has become a reference centre in this field of study, dedicated to the management, conservation, and dissemination of its library resources for the fostering and evolution of the health sciences.


Through the resources it manages (archives and library), the Uriach foundation carries out different exhibitions, both physical and digital, in areas as different as health, art, society, etc.


Collaboration with other centres and people related to these fields is one of the principal objectives of the Foundation with the purpose of favouring the dissemination of the collections, the sharing of  resources and experience, and in this way trace points of union which allow us to improve and evolve constantly.






Fundación Uriach 1838

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